Welcome to Brianna's Page

Welcome to Brianna's Page

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prayer request, please...

Hi my followers... if anyone still follows my blog :( I am sorry for being so bad at updating. I would like to do a more detailed update but at the moment I cant, physically and emotionally. I will, soon, promise. I wrote a prayer request to my ACC support group and I would like to copy it here for some additional prayer and support from others who may not be on the list. thanks <3

Hi everyone. I wanted to request a little prayer and positive thoughts and vives from you all, our ACC family.

My daughter Brianna 3.10 years old C-ACC is having surgery this Friday 7/22 and we are having a hard time with it. Her procedures are "minor" and are expected to be outpatient but our main concern is having her put under general anesthesia again.

She has had some bad and good experiances with general anesthesia, the scary part is that due to her lung disease her her lungs still not being fully recovered from her lung collapse a few months ago (some may remember this she had failure to recover complete lung collapse for months this being her 3rd left lung collapse in a year) she will have to be put on a ventilator straight away they even intubated her for her bronchoscopies and laryngoscopies because the risk is to great.

The worry for us is how well or how not well she will handle anesthetics and intubation how dependant she will become on the ventilator after surgery etc she had had 3 previous surgeries and with one she had to remain ventilated for over 3 days until they slowly weened her off... plus her apnea spells start again after being on GA and they vary from simple to life threatning..... she usually ends up in ICU for at least the night after any procedure...ok enough negativity.

Please pray that she handles the anesthetics, and the procedures well, and that she may come off the ventilator right after surgery... the simple thought of another IV on her fragile scarred veins freaks me out and saddens me.

She is strong, this I know... God will be with her holding her hand and get her through this, this I know (hope for)... but I am human and I am her mommy and I worry sick.

(shes having an adenoidectomy and ear tubes)... I know I feel silly for being so overly worried but again its not the procedures its the risks of it all.

Thank you all like always for being there for us, for the thoughts the prayers and the support. I will update Friday morning surgery is scheduled at 6am with a 5am check in yikes!


  1. Prayers and hugs coming your way! Please let us know how everything goes.

  2. I will be thinking of you and little Bri! You are a strong mama and you will make it through this...it will just take time but in a few days you will be good to go I am sure! Even if she does have a hiccup and need to be vented for a bit...it is nothing she hasn't come through before...she's a strong little one!