Welcome to Brianna's Page

Welcome to Brianna's Page

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birth and first days

My beautiful baby girl was born... she was here... she was real... and she was crying... oh my eyes couldnt believe what a beautiful baby girl I was seeing.

They took her away for a few seconds, as my husband snapped pictures in her face, and wipped her clean and shoved a bottle in her mouth ((to get the early sucking reflex in her asap they said)). Then they brought her to me and layed her on me (while they took out the placenta and stiched me outch).

My husband and I were in a daze.

We took some pictures, and adored our little girl. A few minutes later they had to take her to get an evaluation done. They brought me dinner (I was starved) and a few minutes later they brough her in the room my husband and mother in law couldnt keep their hands off of her. I wont lie I was eating and eating lol...

So they moved us to a different floor out of the labor/delivery room and put us in a family friendly room where our family could come visit.

I started doing the diaper changes, the feeds etc I noticed she would choke a lot but thought she needs to just take it slow shes only a few hours old. I talked to a nutritionist who agreed and said keep trying (my milk supply wasnt in yet). A few hours later that same day some family was over, our older daughter Hailey came over also. It was feeding time so I started bottle feeding her and she turned purple almost stopped breathing... I yelled to call the nurse a doctor someone... freaked out... a nurse came running in she took her from me and turned her on her side and banged on her back until she started breathing again. I asked what was the matter she said she was still considered a preemie due to being born at 36 weeks and low birth weight so she may be having difficulties with feeding.

A few minutes later the nurse and doctors came in and said they would take her to an incubator NICU to keep an eye on her and teach her how to coordinate her suck swallow breathe in feeds. I wasnt too scared just yet.

I had to spend the night without my baby in the room, she was in NICU and they wouldnt let me see her until the next day. When they finally let me go see her the nurses in the NICU told me that they keep trying to feed her and that she kept turning blue (cyanotic) and that they would run some blood work and CATScan etc to rule anything else out. They put an NG tube to feed her through in her nose.

They ran blood work, "normal" (little did they know later she would get diagnosed with so much stuff) they did a CT scan of her head, "normal (little did they know later she would get diagnosed with missing a part of her brain), ran a few other tests normal, normal, normal... we had no reason to believe other wise so we believed them. Her cyanotic episodes of turning blue was diagnosed with a simple feeding discordination that would subside and clear up in a few weeks as she learned to eat. (little did they know she would end up gtube dependant).

She ended up staying in the NICU for a week. I would visit her at all hours of the night...every day any time... I received some breastfeeding training and had the chance to stop in any time of the day or night for feeds. Thank God, I had the chance to experiance this at least for 2 weeks...

We ended up taking her home a week old... at 4.13lbs (she lost a few ounces they said it was normal) she passed the newborn car seat test and we were 100% convinced that in fact all she had was a feeding discordination and that it would clear up in a few days to weeks... though it was scary and it hurt to see her spill so much milk while eating, turn blue and choke so much I didnt think much of it...

We took our baby home, and loved her.

Hailey was so excited she didnt know what to do with her. lol We showed off our perfect little girls to the world, and nothing was stopping us from being the perfect happy little family... (yet).

(More to come in post entry "First episode")


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