Welcome to Brianna's Page

Welcome to Brianna's Page

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am going to break down Brianna's story because it is way too long for one entry

I am thinking maybe 1Pregnancy, 2Before we knew, 3First diagnose/surgery, etc ... so here is pregnancy.

I was 18 years old when I found out that I was pregnant with my second child. My oldest, Hailey being two at the time. This pregnancy did not come to us as a surprise as we had been trying for a few months to conceive we thought it was the right time to get Hailey a baby sister... or brother as we wanted to have them close in age so they could grow up together. We said that if our second was a girl we would try once more for a boy and if the second was a boy we would stay with just two. Well we had a second girl, and we are done... as you can pretty much guess why lol.

Sooo.... I went behind my husbands back (hehe sneaky me) and bough some home pregnancy tests at ride aid. I sneaked into the restroom to take the test ( I felt it in my heart that I was indeed pregnant ) and sure enough two little lines showed up and confirmed, "I WAS PREGNANT" wow was I happy.

I waited for my husbands friend to leave before I said anything to my husband. As soon as that boy walked out the door lol I ran into the room ( This was like a week before Valentines day ) and said, "can I give you an early Valentines day present" (wow how things change we do not even celebrate Valentines anymore) and he had a big smile on his face and of course said yes. So I showed him the test, and he hugged me and said I had just made him the happiest man on Earth.

Well we went on we had our first visit to a gynocologist and they confirmed I was 5 weeks pregnant. Our next visit a few weeks later we had the chance to listen to the babys heart beat... my husband cried ( I should mention Brianna is his first biological daughter ) Hailey is just my biological daughter but he is the best dad to Hailey that I could ask for.

Time went by and my tummy got bigger...

I change gyno's due to insurance purposes.

The new gyno was Dr. Hernandez in the Anaheim Memorial Medical Clinics. We eventually found out it was a girl, yay. Everything was fine at this point except for the morning or should I say all day sickness.

We started thinking of girl names. Hannah, Destiny, Hope, Riley, Angelie, Angelina, Angela, Maryah, Joselyn, we couldnt agree on anything...

Until one day, I said I'm tired of this we need a name for our baby... my husband said what about Brianna Angelenne... I said I dont care lets do it... so we stuck with that (or so I thought).

At 29 weeks I started having contractions (lower back ones at that) and went into preterm labor. At the hospital they gave me a round of steroids for the babys lungs if she were to be born that premature and some shots to stop my labor. They stopped it successfully Thank God.

At 32 weeks I started having contractions again and went into preterm labor again, at this point I was given another round of shots to stop my labor taken out of work and put on bed rest in the hospital for 4 weeks (this was horrible)... I couldnt get out of bed not even to pee, they had my legs up and doctors were constantly coming in and checking to see how dialated I was (ew considering I couldnt get up to bathe other than the sponge baths my husband gave me. I missed my baby shower the last week I was in the hospital which to this day I recent my family for not holding it off until later or changing it to a welcome baby. (I must add I had a baby shower at work I was able to attend, and I thank them all for it) I was spotting these last few weeks threatning to deliver early. (I missed Hailey so much, my husband was working two jobs so wasnt able to bring her by every day).

At week 34 1/2 I was able to go home, on bed rest.

9/10/2007 At my 36 week check up my doctor said he was ready to take me off the pills and let me deliver my baby... he said do you want to come back tomorrow (being September 11) or the next day September 12 and we will enduce. I didnt want her born on September 11 being a day remembered as sorrow and memorial for many. So I said September 12th.

We dropped off my poor baby girl Hailey at my parents house that chilly September 12th day at 4:30 am and headed to the hospital (Hailey cried for mommy, it broke my heart). We got in to the hospital around 5:30a.m (nervous as heck) and we were put in a room were I would deliver, I got my IV and meds to enduce labor and we waited and waited. At around 11 am Oh DEAR were my conractions horrible horrible (way way way worse than I experianced with Hailey, they didnt even compare to say the least) at around one ish (yep Im a bad mommy I think 1:21) Brianna was born... Brianna Aileen to be exact not Angelenne lol. Weighing 5.1lbs and 16" tall.(tiny) I should say.

Oh joy!

The rest to come in topic (Birth and first days)


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