Welcome to Brianna's Page

Welcome to Brianna's Page

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Medical Update

Brianna has been sick since her birthday 9/12 so pretty much a month! UGH I hate when summer ends and autumn and winter (flu season)starts! Hate it hate it hate it! During this time Bri pays the ER and hospital a few times, and she hits hard.

Right now we are dealing with a "weird" cough that only presents itself during the night or early morning. Since she wasnt congested when it started we took her to her GI (yesterday) and we discussed the possibility of her Nissen Fonduplication surgery having come undone...arrrrgh! He said that if the surgery came loose or undone we "may" explore medicine option (again) or just go straight for redoing the surgery. UGH.
He sent of a request/referal to get an xray with contrast to see whats going on in there... please pray for my baby that her sugery isnt undone and that the cough is something seperate that will go away soon:(

We stopped by her peds yesterday too and he said she is very congested and sounds very junky to not risk it he put her on antibiotics so in case pnumonia is starting to grow this will catch it before it hits her harder (since she has had a few fevers the last week). She has had plenty of reoccurring pnumonias we do not need another one.

We are getting another referal to an audiologist since the one performed a while back said she has moderate-severe hearing loss... and for some reason I was in denial but now that my baby is 3 and isnt speaking understandably ( she says a few recogized words by mom and dad and sissy ). So we are going to check that out wouldnt surprise me that she needs hearing aids. I know she hears because she repeats a lot of stuff but to what extent what tones and until what distance? Well we should get a clearer picture of this soon.

We ordered her new pair of glasses since she broke hers, and no she still doesnt leave them on even though its been what almost a year? Bad mom I know!

What else... oh yeah next week we have another appt with pulmonary to discuss the results of her recent sleep study and see how badly she still wants us to do the trachestomy. UGH. and to see if she is going to refer us to an ENT again or not to discuss removing her tonsils and adenoids.

I have been pushing out the opthalmology appt because he said to take her in after shes been wearing her glasses for 5-6 months straight to check on her wandering eye... ugh or else we will have to do surgery... but again bad bad momma I need to really work with her on leaving her glasses on but dad doesnt help while I am at work 8-9 hours a day!

Overall besides her whinning and sickly attitude shes been doing great babbling a lot more trying to immitate a lot more words. and more beautiful than ever hehe!

Hailey my big 5 year old has been doing great in school and shes reading! she has passed all of her vocabulary tests its all so wonderful! She also took a trip to her ped and lab yesterday she has yet ANOTHER urinary tract infection ugh! So shes on antibiotics too gee I think this is the first time I have both of my girls on antibiotics.


ps: The pic on top is of Brianna on the first day she left her glasses on all day (of course thats the broken pair) doesnt she look super sweet in her glasses rosy pink like her cheekies!

A tired momma who wants her babies back to their normal selves.


  1. It sounds like you've got a lot on your plate! You're doing an amazing job and you're a great mama! You've have beautiful daughters!!

  2. She looks adorable with her glasses on! Emily won't leave hers on anymore either. She pushes them up onto her hair, or pulls them off and throws them. I spent almost an hour at WalMart the other day backtracking and looking on the ground for her glasses. Thank goodness someone turned them in to customer service!

    Did you get my reply about CHOC Walk? Do you want to join our team? I think Brianna could pass for 2 even though she just turned 3, if I am remembering right? 2 and under are free. So you would need to sign up you two and Hailey, and raised $150. But then you would be on our team, and not need to come up with the full $300!

    Or ... and this is sneaky ... they gave me two extra bracelets somehow. So if you join as one walker, and do at least $50, and get a bracelet, then you could use our other 2 extras and all walk. :)