Welcome to Brianna's Page

Welcome to Brianna's Page

Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Friday! :)

My husband usually sends me pictures of the girls, or of at least one of them throughout the day when I am at work (just cell phone picture texts but that works for us). It really helps the day go by faster especially FRIDAYS... I cant wait until the work day is over and go home and know I have 2 whole days with my girlies :) I wanted to share the randoms he sent me today. The ones of Bri in her high chair was when she was having breakfast (yea she gets gtube feeds but this wiggle worm doesnt stay still anywhere for an hour unless we strap her down so we do our best at keeping her entertained while she gets pump fed and having the high chair and table on it does wonders!).
The ones of both of the girls is of my cranky girl Hailey right after she got home from school and her "baby sister" I love when she calls her that! On one you can see one of Briannas (and when I say one of I mean literally one out of like 20) Mickey mouse toys or what she calls Kickey Kickey lol...HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL! Thanks for reading!

PS: arent these girls just plain adorable? (yeah I may be just a little biased lol) God I love them to pieces! xxxxx

OH and PSS: The silver ribbon as seen below will be my next tattoo either in the back of my neck or on my back... the silver ribbon is the national awareness color for Brain Disorders and Disabilities Awareness so this one is for Bri! It also stands for Mental health so in a more secretive way its for my mom and dad to their depression and schitzophrenia. Isnt it gourgeous :)

Doesnt Brie look like the perfect QUEEN:)


<3 Ignore the messy toys on the floor my husband isnt all that great at teaching them to pick up after themselves lol <3

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  1. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. You are too sweet--I know where your precious Brianna gets it ;) She is beautiful.

    Kannon's Momma