Welcome to Brianna's Page

Welcome to Brianna's Page

Friday, September 17, 2010

Take a look at both of these pictures... what do you notice? Can you tell which one is 9 months old? Can you tell which one was taken today??
Ok I will tell you the one where Bri is wearing a peachy orange outfit with the TV in the background is 9 months old it was taken December 15th 2009 and the one of Bri wearing the head band with the sofa and messy toys in the background was taken today 9/17/2010. Can you see the difference? In the old picture the handle of this push toy is right at her reach in todays picture you can actually see her bending down a little to hold the push toy. She HAS grown... well I see her every day and always complain about how small she is but these very SIMILAR pictures 9 months apart made me realize that she has grown.
This push toy was ONE of the things Brianna used for support when she was learning to walk she was afraid, she took slow steady steps, she even fell a few times trying to walk with this walker push toy.... that was 9 months ago. She had not seen this toy since she started walking independantly a few months back, we shoved it in the garage and of course it had to be ME to bring it out of the garage to see what she would do with it. Well she started playing with it and pushing it like she would when she was actually using it to help her walk except now she was practically running with it... it bored her and she tried to sit on it like a car. Well my point is WHAT A HUUUUGE DIFFERENCE it was to see her running around pushing on this toy push cart now (at 3) compared to just 9 months ago when she was beginning to take her first steps (a lil before 2 1/2). WOW I am so so happy with all the progress she has made. These pictures speak for themselves.

She is growing up... you can compare the difference between her baby face and now toddler face.

She is a little bit taller you can tell because its the same walker push toy and in the new pic she is bending over to hold it.

She no longer NEEDS this toy push walker she can now play with it and RUN around it!

Again thank you babe aka hubby for sending me this picture today at work it made my day!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet & special girl!!

    It is neat that you were able to get 2 very similar pictures to compare her growth. She is just doing so great!!

    Love, Bree