Welcome to Brianna's Page

Welcome to Brianna's Page

Friday, September 10, 2010

The lovely young boy and girl at lunch time....

I want to share a little experiance I just had during my lunch hour at work. My sister and cousin (also co workers of mine) went to lunch at a local Mexican Food restaurant by our work. We have been there a few times in the last years of working here and its always empty maybe 2 or 3 customers at a time well not today... today it was FULL (this is a small hole in the wall place with like 10 tables that sit 4 each. Our first concern of course taking lunch at 2'o clock was "where are we going to sit?"

Well we proceeded to look at the menu and with the corner of my eye I saw a young boy around 14-15 years old who was a bit jumpy in his chair and clapping which caught my attention. I turned and looked at him and realized he was non verbal, he was signing and making sounds to let his needs be known. I took a quick look again around the restaurant to see if I could find a table for us three and didnt think anything else anymore it looked like a bunch of teenagers beat us to it :) Well we ordered our food one by one as my sister begun to order my curiousity was on the young boy that was excitedly jumpy and clapping... of course being Bri's mommy my looks and smiles to him were only full of love I wanted to smile at him or say hi, well I didnt.

Then I saw on older boy I have to say around 23 or so tall light skinned blonde hair green eyes wearing a black tang top and tattoos all over his arms and neck literally sleeves (I only mention the tattoo part to express how in the general public and society you wouldnt think of a young man with this appearance doing the beautiful thing that he was doing which I will get to shortly... before anyone things I am being mean about his tattoos my husband has arms full of tattoos and I am the proud owner of three tattoos lol a purple rose on my left wrist for Brianna and a pink rose on my right wrist for Hailey and a cross with wings and stars on my right shoulder so I am not really being prejudice)> anywhoooooooooooo.... I saw this guy stand up and walk to the other table and he grabbed a young girls drink (girl most likely around 9 years old) and he held it up to her put the straw in her mouth and helped her take a sip... this is when I realized the entire group was together at this restaurant. I kept looking not trying to be rude or make it obvoious. I realized the girl has special needs she needed help with her food. Then I saw the same young man walk to the next boy around 17 years old (the 17 year old was about a whole foot and a half taller than the blonde gentleman, sorry I have to call him something as I dont have a name for him) well the blond gentleman helped the other boy stand up and hold his tray and walked him to the trash can to toss his trash away.

It hit me. The entire group was special needs/ with different levels of disabilities. I started looking at each beautiful kid there. I noticed that all of them except the blond boy and a short curly haired young girl around 20 herself had a handicap. So I watched. The short curly haired girl helped another girl get up and throw her trash away. Then I heard her talking to the blond boy and telling him that he needed to set up Cindys timer. Girl "Dont forget to set Cindy's timer" Boy "how much time does she get?" Girl "Five minutes, tell her when the bell rings eating time is over"... (I figured Cindy was the little girl there also young like 10 years old or so that was sitting between where they were standing while speaking)... Cindy to me seemed the most affected she kept her head down and slightly tilted she kept rocking back and forth I dont know if they were feeding her or she was eating but then I saw that the young boy had a timer and so very gently put his hand on Cindy's shoulder and said "Cindy, I am going to start the timer, Cindy when you hear the bell eating time is over, and it will be time to pick up and go, okay?"

At this point I am making it sound like I stood there frozen just starring with my mouth wide open but no, I was talking to my sister and cousin while in line to order but I was more listening to them and watching them from the corner of my eye (them meaning the group of kids).

I saw this young short curly haired girl and this tall blond boy helping all these kids and joking with them, helping them eat, throw out their trash, and even helping them walk, and go to the bathroom. WOW ... My heart was so happy with joy that there are young adults so willing to help and so kind hearted. :) I wanted to hug them both. I was watching and the boy may have noticed I was watching I dont know what he thought I dont know if he realized I wasnt starring in a bad way I hope not I kept smiling at the kids and saying hi. I didnt want to say anything I wanted to watch from a supposed outsiders view. They had no idea that I have a sweet baby girl at home struggling with a lot of health issues and disabilities... that probably would never cross their minds. my sister noticed that I was dwelled on this, my cousin didnt even take notice.

Well I proceeded to order my food. I made a comment to the lady taking my order about how packed the restaurant was. She then said with a huge smile telling me that that was the fourth group of the day that the boy and girl (the blond and the curly haired) had brought three other groups that this was the fourth group that they had started since 11am this morning to bring groups of special needs kids and teens. I wanted to kiss this boy and girl for their huge hearts.

This made my day entirely. Knowing that this young boy and girl volunteer their time to help others period. WOW.

I added one of my favorite pictures of Bri its about 8-10 months ago but I still love the picture.

I have been so bad at blogging I have to catch up, I had surgery on August 30th 2010 to remove my gallbladder due to gallstones and was in the hospital for 3 days and then took a few more days off of work and just got back to work this week so it has been hectic catching up but I have some pictures of the Zoo and park pictures to post soon :) Thank you for reading.

OOOOOH but one thing I will definitely post about is BRIANNA'S 3RD BIRTHDAY that is comming up THIS SUNDAY 9/12/10!!!! I cannot believe my tiny baby is turning 3! I will take tons of pics and post !!


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  1. That was such a wonderful story to read. I'm so glad that you shared it. It is especially heartwarming to know that there are such kind and caring people in this world who give from their hearts and reach out to help other people.

    God Bless the boy and girl who took care of each one of those children who have special needs and who met each one of those kids' needs out of love.

    It makes me smile as a mom myself of a child with special needs to read such a beautiful story and you actually got to see it take place right before your eyes. :)