Welcome to Brianna's Page

Welcome to Brianna's Page

Monday, September 13, 2010


**Birthday Girl**

Sweet sweet baby birl. Happy Birthday Brianna!

Our precious angle cake face Brie turned 3 this sunday September 12! WOW where does time go? Time sure does fly! If I went around with my tiny 3 year old and told people "how much shes grown", I am more than sure I would get weird stares as she is a petite little thing, but what outsiders dont realize is she was born a peanut. On September 12, 2007 she was born weighing 5.1 lbs and measuring only 16 1/2 inches long... well by the time she went home she was 4.13 lbs so she was tiny. I promise I will post pictures of her in the NICU of when she was days old so you can compare them to her now. Sure she is a tiny winnie little 3 year old but if I compare her to when she was born she HAS grown! (She is currently 23lbs so you have an idea of how small she still is.)

Well as happy and thankful as we are for 3 years of Brianna, there was a little hearache with her birthday... she wouldnt get to eat her cake. This issue is one that I can only see getting bigger and bigger each year. The first year she had no idea that there was cake, last year she noticed and she was curious... this year she really wanted some, and couldnt have any!

Having a child with a feeding tube that cannot eat due to aspiration is hard... but its even harder when you are planning their birthday party and you have to go out and choose a cake knowing they wont get a piece of their own birthday cake. This year we really did it for Hailey (Brianna's big sissy) shes 5 and really wouldnt get a party without a cake so we let her blow out Brianna's candle too.

This year Brie wacked her cake and got some frosting on her finger she licked it and found it disgusting thank you very much! lol

The really sucky part was that Brie was not feeling too good. She has been having a cough for a few days and a little wheezing. She wasnt all herself yesterday but who can blame her she didnt feel good.

However munchkin face got a whole day at the park playground. She had aunties, and cousins and grandmas and friends taking her to the playground all day (to keep her away from seeing food and stuff she cant participate anyhow). She had a blast opening her presents I will post a short video soon.

Thank you Mom, Dad, Sister Mayra, Sister Jessie, Sister Cari, Tommy, Letty, Gio, April, Liz, Amanda, Paul, Gloria, Nataly, and Nana for joining us in celebration of our baby girls 3rd birthday.

Brianna has been through so much in her short life celebrating her Birthdays are super extra special to us, each year seems to be getting better for our baby girl and with Faith and God by our sides each year shall continue getting better for our precious girl.

Here are some pictures I will post her birth ones later tonight so that you can compare :)


Birthday girls Mommy.

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  1. Happy birthday sweet Brianna! :) The pictures are all small, I wish we could see them bigger. What's clear is that you looked super cute on your big day! I laughed reading that she didn't like the frosting. Silly girl!

    She is little ... but then my Emily is going to be 7 in October and she weighs 30 pounds. :)