Welcome to Brianna's Page

Welcome to Brianna's Page

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lil Update :/ TODAY IS EXCITING the week not so much!

Here is a short update.
(lets see my definition of short)...

Sunday we did a second donation car wash for Brianna to raise $ for her The Vest Chest Clearing System and Pulmozyme nebulizer treatments... SURPRISE NBC Universal sent out two reporters to broadcast us on the news! They showed Briannas story on KTLA 5 that night and on KWHY-22 and Telemundo 52 ! One in English and two in Spanish! You can view them on my facebook! Look for me under araceli.sandoval4@gmail.com

Brianna had her follow up CTscan of her chest last night at the St Joseph's Out Patient Pavillion. First I must mention the tech was super nice to Brianna and extra gentle! We were in and out within 45 minutes (from check in, to waiting, to CT scan to the car)Brianna behaved very bravely and did SO good I was proud of her she was given a plush beanie baby as a reward. As for the results we should have them by Wednesday 1/26/11 (sooooo nerve wrecking, stomach churning to wait)... depending on the results of the CT scan we will either move forward with a second bronchoscopy to suction secretions/fluid from her left lung. I am hoping she is improving, regardless if she still needs the bronchoscopy or not I hope it shows improvement and not the same or worse to the 1/11/11 test ... the bronchoscopy is scary because they use local anesthesia but she did really good with her last one and it helped her SO much, that it doesnt scary me all that much.

Yesterday we received our first official denail from medical and ccs for coverage to her pulmozyme med ($100 a day medication) because its typically prescribed for children with Cystic Fibrosis but as far as we are aware Bri doesnt have CF, though she is having a SWEAT test done this Thursday to test for Cystic Fibrosis.... which I am praying to God that it comes out NEGATIVE she really does NOT need an additional diagnosis. Especially such a diagnosis.

TODAY however is an exciting day! We are having a fundraising event tonight in Down Town Fullerton at " I Got Cha Pizza " 20% of sales will be donated to Briannas fundraising! YAI ( A special thanks to the owner Wiley Randolph, his sister and his sisters bf Diego for helping us put this together ). The news may be out again to do a follow up story on Bris fundraising I hope they do come out.

We will all be wearing PURPLE today to show support for Brianna and for celebration of her life and life in general.

I will have to post pictures soon after. I Have lost count of how much we have fundraised but I believe we are at around $3,800 :) and still have the Pizza event and a Dance comming up! YAY Thanks everyone for the love and support.

Since Bri was having her CT Scan yesterday I took the day off and it was perfect timing as Hailey was being awarded for Accelerated Reader and Excellence in Math in her Kindergarten assembly. I enjoyed the extra day with my family. Planning for today and making purple HOPE FOR BRIANNA shirts :)

Brianna hasnt had a fever for a few days now THANK GOD, shes coughing a lot of flemy mucus in the day which I am hoping it means shes clearing out her lung shes sleeping through the night and rarely coughing at nights.

Will update again as soon as I have anything else to report.

Thank you for the continuing love and support.


Araceli, Angel, Hailey, and Brianna


  1. Thinking and praying for your family. How can donations be made online?

  2. Araceli ~ I'm so sorry your sweet girl is having such an awful time. And it must be quite draining for you, too. I will keep your family in my prayers. Have faith, sister!

    Love, bree