Welcome to Brianna's Page

Welcome to Brianna's Page

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lots going on, and LOTS of pictures to show for it!

AAAAAAh, where do I start? I wish I had time to blog daily so that I didnt have to jump around in my posts. Lets see, first Brianna's medical update then I will post everything else going on under its designated pictures.

Brianna is now officially cleared from pulmonary to get her tonsil/adenoid_ectomy surgery (removal of her tonsils and adenoids)... sigh... which is good and bad. Good because that means her collapsed left lung is recovering so well that they feel she is fit to undergo surgery... and those words exactly are the bad part "undergo surgery"... sigh... having to put our sweet child through yet a 4th surgery in her short 3 years of life is hard, very hard, but she will benefit from this and I am thankful for medical science, doctors/surgeons, our CHOC Childrens Hospital and mainly to God. As soon as the authorization goes through for ENT we will schedule her for surgery consult. YIKES! So surgery coming up in the next 2-3 weeks.

Brianna has had many many pulmonary follow ups and now 2 extras since discharge from the hospital Feb 7th. She actually saw pulmonary again 2 days ago and they continue to see improvement, means the Vest and Pulmozyme along with her regular meds are doing their job, which is FANTASTIC! So we will continue to do them as regularly scheduled. The bad part is that now Brianna has PERMANENT DAMAGE to her left lung and brochials... called ATELECTASIS OF THE LEFT LUNG, and BRONCHIECTASIS :( I dont feel like putting their meaning here Im tired of reading about them, you can google them and itll explain them. Basically not the worst thing that can happen, it is expected damange but still hard to swallow that your child now has PERMANENT DAMANGE TO HER LUNG! :( Well treatment for these is continuing the clearing of the lung and preventing and treating respiratory infections ASAP when they happen. Surgery could be a possibility to help repair but its only in severe cases and by how pleased and happy the doctors express themselves about Briannas RECOVERY of her lung collapse I do not believe its anywhere near severe...

What will we do next? Figure out WHY this pneumonia was SO BAD. Shes had plenty in the past, even a lung collapse in March of last year... and it was never so bad, so the big question is "why did it take such a toll on her THIS time... and why did she have SUCH a hard time recovering from it?".... how will we try to figure this out? Infectious Disease Immuno Deficiancy Specialist...... yeah even the sound of that gives me the creeps, but I am hopeful... there is a plan and I feel very good about it. We suspect an immune deficiancy now I am hoping its something we can have a cure/fix to... or treatment I should say like immunity boosters of some sort, I hope that if she does have a deficiancy that its one that we can treat. Prayers greatly appreciated. We had an apt on Wednesday with ID specialty but it turns out that they booked us in a 20 min window and the Dr needs us for 1 hour so they had to reschedule us.... wish us luck.

I think in my last post I mentioned that Brianna was sick again? She received steroids, antibiotics and an additional nasal spray that helped immensly and now shes back to her normal happy silly self. Wheezing and crackling here and there but her doctors said just 2 days ago that her lungs sound clear its all in her nose/throat and she is coughing it well.

Oh yeeeeah... more fun... Brianna is being refered to a Pediatric Endocrinologist Specialist for testing of her pitutary gland to see if she has Growth Hormone Defiancy or if she has something else relating to short stature. They are leaning towards GH deficancy and want to do GH shots... will update more about these later I am looking forward to helping her grow especially in how beneficial this would be to her respiratory health problems but not looking forward to giving my daughter a nightly shot...

During wednesdays visit they scrapped Bris nose again to test for Celiac Disease AGAIN last time they didnt get enough cells to test so the results were inconclusive.

Looks like we have a good treatment plan for the present issues and a good treatment/testing plan to prevent these from happening again and to help her. I am thankful, I am hopeful, I AM HAPPY.

Ok that was most of Briannas updates I think... Now new with the family in general? Hmmm Hailey got a new haircut pics below, she enjoyed her first St Pattys Day at school, she had to get blood work done again to test her cholesterol levels and AGAIN they came out HIGH! :( Normal levels are between 33-115 and hers were 150 they said she is getting close to needing medical treatment (pills) and think its genetic... I am putting family history down on paper for her doctor to review to see if medicine would be good for her just yet or not. We changed her diet long ago so its not that and shes WAY active.... will post more when I know more.

I got a FULL day of fun with my sisters and daughter at Disneyland last weekend... it was so good for me to have some care free fun! It was AMAZING! I love these girls! It makes me sad to know we only have 4 weeks left on our annual Disney passes and that we wont have the funds to renew them this year again but we look forward to doing so soon in the next yr or two :D

Thank you for reading, God Bless you.

A very happy, hopeful, proud mommy. _Araceli Sandoval

*My first time making Mickey Mouse head pancakes for Hailey girl*

*My pathetic attempt of painting Haileys nails pink with green shamrocks*

*We have all been getting pretty crafty around our house, this is Haileys first art project. This one will not be for sale on our site this is a mommys keeper, check out the rest that we will post on www.silverliningcraftcreations.blogspot.com *

*This was my first pot craft creation for my new crafts for sale site www.silverliningcraftcreations.blogspot.com these will go for $15 I will probably spend the weekend making more characters ((( or worrying about the stupid radiation cloud that came from Japan that is over California right now scaring people that they will get cancer, or worrying about the predictors prediction that California will get hit with a massive Earthquake like Japans sometime this week! ugh!)))) *

*Haileys new haircut! She got BANGS! Silly girl... she looks so cute though*

*Haileys bangs before the haircut*

*Haileys first St Pattys Day in Kindergarten* She had soooo much fun*

*aaaaah Haileys Spring school pictures... and the story behind them.... this was the ONLY day I ever sent her to school without combing her hair it was the day after Brianna had gotten discharged fromt he hospital and we had to get up twice for an hour throughout the night to administer IV antibiotics at home so we were tired... come to find out AFTER the fact that it was picture day... wow she will hate me when shes older but she looks oh so cute*

*My poor baby's bloody nose from the scrape test for nasal cells to test for Celiac Disease*

*Bri killing time at the doctors office, this was a 3 hour pulmonary visit OMG*

*My sweet girl was so patient and so good during this loooong 3 hour pulmonary visit*

*Bri Bri girl checking into CHOC Childrens Hospital of Orange Countys Pulmonary Specialty Clinic*

*This kid is an expert at doing meds and play at the same time*

*Brianna has been showing off her American Sign Language lately, she was signing BABY here*

*More sign language, I am so proud of her here she is signing DADDY*

*YAY more sign language, she is signing MORE here*

*Brianna signing ALL DONE in her slightly modified way*

*The hubbys Mickey Mouse pot creation for our new site www.silverliningcraftcreations.blogspot.com *

*Hailey, me and Jessie on Tower of Terror at Disneys California Adventure ride*

*Daddy and his sweet baby at Disney CA*

*My two beautiful babies Hailey and Brianna and my beautiful baby sister Jessie*

*The Serrano Sandoval Family enjoying sunny beautiful Disneyland California Adventure Theme Park*

*Baby sister Jessie and Big Girl Hailey*

*Us girls on Space Mountain at Disneyland! Mayra, Carina, Jessie, Hailey, Liz, and Me*

*My little sister Cari shes so beautiful and Big girl Hailey at Disneyland*

*My pretty lil sissy Jessie and myself at Disneyland*

*The little sisters, Carina and Jessie with my big girl Hailey outside of Pirates of the Carabian at Disneyland*

*All of us girls on Space Mountain at Disney again*

*My big girl Hailey and I at Disneyland*

* Jessie, Carina, Mayra and Liz at Disneyland*

* Skinny butt Bri and her loveys PACIFIERS lol *

* Tiny B *

* Mommy and Hailey getting tag team blood work, its always funner to get your blood drawn together right ? LOL Mommy and daughter blood test *

*Brianna getting her night time meds through her gtube (mic-key button)*

*These are just her NIGHT time meds along with the VEST and CPT but she gets a heck of a lot more vest and breathing treatments throughout the day*

Thats all for now folks hope the Earthquake and possible sunami doesnt swipe out California !


  1. I enjoy your blog very much! Although I wasn't an official follower, I've been following it since I learned of Ben's ACC. I think of Brianna often!

  2. *hugs* good to see Bri is recovering and Hailey growing so much! What lovely girls they are, I know you are so proud of them.
    -- Jenne, Benjamin's mom from the ACC list