Welcome to Brianna's Page

Welcome to Brianna's Page

Monday, August 16, 2010

Doing our best at "normal" family time. Disneyland + Disney CA Adventure (for the 20th time)!

April 17th 2010 My husband and I had a sudden thought of "lets go to Disneyland"! We had not been in ages and our girls had never been. Shame on us we live in the city were Disneland is located ANAHEIM CA! LOL it was meant to be we got up got dressed and surprised our girls with Disneyland. ( I will post pictures soon of previous adventures to Disney ). When we arrived at the payment booth I saw that they are now doing payment options for California residents... for a magical year! Disneyland any day whenever we want?... well almost I got our family the 2nd best annual passes we got the Delux passes which has a few block out days a month (mainly saturdays but who needs saturdays when you have sundays lol). Well I got my hubber, Hailey and I an annual pass (Brie still being two is Mickeys guest). I will admit when she turns 3 next month I will not let Disney know!!! She will be two if they ask lol she is petit they will never know I am not paying $300 for an annual pass for my little one who is afraid of more than half of the rides... gotta admit she loves LOVES a few! Well Since April 17 2010 we have gone to Disneyland 20 times! Can you believe that! I decided this would be my family and my "get away, a piece and sense of normallacy!" Here we (dad and I) can be kids, Hailey can act like a fearless teenager on Spacemountain and Tower of Terror adn Brianna can act like a "typical" child riding the carousel and Dumbo ride :) so Disney and Disney CA adventure is a piece of normal for us. (Well sorta when Brie doesnt freak out a passer by at the Paradise Pier because she is having an ALTE spell because of the heat (she turns completely purple in the face stops breathing and faints) the poor guy almost fainted I swear to you! Here is a bit of our weekend fun! Hope you are all doing well. XXX thanks for following.

Thank God for Disneylands FIRST AID center. And thanks to a friend from the ACC Listserv (Lisa, Ella's mommy) who told me about it! We do Brianna's gtube feeds here they give us our own "doctors office patient room" with HOT water to flush the bag and tubes, a bed to lay her on to change her diaper, and AIR CONDITIONER!

Brianna was too excited to leave the house that she asked for my hand to step out of the door way this time.

Brianna being a silly goof ball on the rocks next to the Pinocchio ride while we waited for Daddy and Hailey to ride!

Brianna really having fun on the rocks, this little stunt master wanted to jump off of them! lol

Mommy and Hailey on the Mickey Mouse Fariswheel (pardon the face and hair it was HOT and I dont do my make up on weekends or any day really that much anymore LOL)

Princess Hailey by the pond (mommas rest spot) this girl has TOO MUCH energy!

Brianna on the Rocket ride for the first time... she wasnt a fan it was too windy!

My three lovers! Brianna, The Hubby and Haiely on the carousel!

Miss Hailey on the Rocket Ride she LOVES it!

Brie Brie girl on the Rocket ride with Mr Daddy

Super Daddy and Super Hailey on the wiggly swings (These things scare the living poop out of me!) It was a real fight between the hubby and I to allow Hailey on them.

Daddys girl with her daddy on the Mickey Fariswheel
(I gotta add she was a real cranky moddy crabby baby on this day in this ride which she usually loves!)

Brianna didnt want to walk after all so she sat, and sat, outside the door waiting for me to carry her! Lazy butt!

More sitting... she won! I carried her lol.

Brianna in the dreadful (to her) rocket ship ride !

Thanks for following us, have a blessed and awesome week!

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  1. you guys look like you had a blast as well!!
    i wonder if places that we go here have first aid centers that we could use, that would help a million!!